Multilingual Resources

The follow is a list of resources for definitions of legal terms and information on the laws of the U.S. and certain other countries.  We would love to expand this list.  So, if you have another resource to share, let us know!



Ballantine’s Legal Dictionary and Thesaurus

This is the PDF version of the complete unabridged edition of Ballantine’s . The URL takes you to the entries for the first letter of the alphabet, so if you want to see entries for other letters, just change the “a” in the URL to that particular letter. Unless you have a lot of time and paper to spare, do not plan on printing a copy, since the entire PDF version occupies nearly 2,800 pages.



Provides a comprehensive set of legal resources for legal professionals, corporate counsel, law students, businesses, and consumers.



Provides very detailed definitions of most terms.


Nolo Legal Glossary

This site was created by NOLO, a provider of do-it-yourself legal solutions for consumers and small businesses.


The Law.Com Dictionary

Provides both short and long definitions for most terms.


The’Lectric Law Library

Fantastic all-around resource for legal terminology.


Rutgers Law Library

Provides access to a variety of different legal sites, arranged by topic.

California Judicial Branch

The California court system glossary offers simple but accurate Spanish terms and definitions.


Diccionario de Términos Legislativos


Contains “generic” Spanish legislative terminology.



Parliamentary Jargon Explained

Provides definitions of the unique terms, expressions, and customs of the British Parliament. Among other things, the site contains information about the various institutions of the British government, including guides to the House of Commons and the House of Lords in nine languages (English, Welsh, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian).




Center for Individual Freedom

This is a good site if you need to consult court decisions. The Center for Individual Freedom is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a mission “to protect and defend individual freedoms and individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.”


Federal Court Terminology


National Association for Court Management

A good glossary of court-related terms.




Cornell University Law School

Contains a nice collection of U.S. codes.


Emory University School of Law

Provides access to all kinds of U.S. federal court information and documents (e.g., rulings).




New York State Court System

(Spanish version)



Southern District Court of New York

Contains a bilingual Spanish/English glossary for court interpreters.




Employment law

Contains general information about employee rights in the U.S. , including a glossary specializing in employment law issues.

Particular to women: Women Are Getting Even

Contains terminology related to the employment of women (e.g., sex discrimination, etc.).


Elder law (Canada)

Senior Mag Legal Glossary

A Canadian publication specializing in legal and other concerns pertinent to senior citizens.



Patent law


U.S. patent law.


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (general)

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Glossary


Spanish-Language Patent Law



Criminal Justice Brief

An excellent English-language glossary.


Criminal Law Lawyer Source

Contains information on criminal law terminology.


Glossary of Criminal Terms

Another excellent English-language glossary.


Midwest Paralegal Studies

In addition to criminal law, this site provides access to glossaries in 15 other legal fields.


International Civil Procedure

New York School of Law

This site covers international civil procedure.


Primer on the Civil Law System!openform&url=



Yes, this is the URL.  You must copy and paste it though because I could not set up a link to it! This site contains the PDF version of a 67-page document that was published by the Federal Judicial Center . It is another major English-language resource on civil law.

Contract Law (Colombia)

This site also covers other fields.




Duhaime’s Canadian Legal Dictionary




Europa Glossary

A multilingual site (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish) offering a wide range of terminology that includes the legal field.




Kieron Wood’s Pages




Navigador Jurídico Internacional

Provides access to legal materials from all over the globe. It is especially good for foreign legislative texts.




Biblioteca Legal Latino Americana

Latin American legislative documents.


Hoover Web Design

Contains an assortment of downloadable sample legal documents and forms.


The World Law Guide

Provides information on Latin American legislative documents (laws, decrees, codes, etc.).


University of California/Berkeley School of Law’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals





Resource for civil procedure in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Uruguay.


Argentine Law Terminology


Boletín Oficial del Estado (Spain)


Chilean English-Spanish Glossary of Legal Terms


Colombian Spanish


Diccionario de Términos Legislativos


Contains “generic” Spanish legislative terminology.


Guatemalan Ministry of Labor


Leyes Federales de México

Mexico ‘s official site for federal legislative documents.

Contains an excellent article on the Mexican Civil Code by Professor Jorge Vargas.


Mexican Legal Terminology


Noticias Jurídicas

Offers access to current legal news and peninsular Spanish legislation, as well as a variety of scholarly articles on legal subjects.


Peninsular Spanish


Poder Judicial República del Perú

The official Peruvian government site.


Referencia Jurídica

Contains a glossary prepared by the Law School of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.



This last site provides a link to the English glossary of legal terms previously cited.




There are significantly more French legal resources than any other language. Most of them, however, are monolingual. These include the following:


BBP Avocats

The glossary of a French law firm.


Dictionnaire du droit privé français

This site is of a more specialized nature. The terminology cites titles of texts where a term is found and includes a bibliography of references. Many definitions are very detailed. The dictionary also contains a list of abbreviations used in legal documents.


Dictionnaire Juridique

This is not really a glossary, but rather provides access to French legal resources that are organized by subject area (e.g., civil/tax/criminal).


Dictionnaire Juridique et Contractuel des Affaires et Projets


Glossaire Assurance

Contains information on French insurance law.


Le Conseil d’État


Le Dictionnaire Juridique

This is not a dictionary/glossary per se, but a website providing access to French legal documents of all kinds.


Ministère de la justice

The official French government site.


Petit Lexique de la Justice

This site covers family law (specifically divorce).


Real Estate Law



A site for Belgian French.



It’s not easy to find German resources.  Please let me know if you can add to this list. html?intro

This last site contains advertising/public relations legal terms.




Glossário de Direito Comercial

A commercial law glossary in Word format that is not 100% accurate. It appears to have been a student project.





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