There are significantly more French legal resources than any other language. Most of them, however, are monolingual. These include the following:

Europa Glossary
A multilingual site (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish) offering a wide range of terminology that includes the legal field.

University of California/Berkeley School of Law’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals


BBP Avocats
The glossary of a French law firm.

Dictionnaire du droit privé français
This site is of a more specialized nature. The terminology cites titles of texts where a term is found and includes a bibliography of references. Many definitions are very detailed. The dictionary also contains a list of abbreviations used in legal documents.

Dictionnaire Juridique et Contractuel des Affaires et Projets


Dictionnaire Juridique
This is not really a glossary, but rather provides access to French legal resources that are organized by subject area (e.g., civil/tax/criminal).

Glossaire Assurance
Contains information on French insurance law.
Property Law.

Petit Lexique de la Justice
This site covers family law (specifically divorce).

Real Estate Law


Le Conseil d’État

Le Dictionnaire Juridique
This is not a dictionary/glossary per se, but a website providing access to French legal documents of all kinds.

Ministère de la justice
The official French government site.


A site for Belgian French.


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